We have a great understanding of the process needed to create a product and take it through to market, we have been doing this for many years now. Our talented product designers are able to help visualize ideas and concepts, through sketches and graphic & 3D based visuals. Looking at concepts from the ‘manufacturer’s eye’ means we can produce correct and functioning prototypes for demonstrations and presentations prior to production.

We work with manufacturers in the Far East, South East Asia, Eastern & Central Europe, India and on occasion the UK, utilizing geographical areas based on infrastructure, economies and strengths in specific processes and materials. The landscape is always shifting, so for us it is important to always be aware of the latest opportunities in manufacture. Within our portfolio of materials include plastic composites, ceramics (terracotta, stoneware, porcelain…), wood composites, metals, glass, textiles, packaging and print. We also work with specialist materials such as cork, Tyvek, ECOR and silicone.

We now have two offices in the Far East, an office in Croatia and a base in Hungary. With experienced product developers based in all of these locations we have great coverage to regularly meet with factories, source new suppliers and carry out QC inspections on production. The factories we are partnered with comply with UK & European legislation for their raw materials and processes, but where there may be specific product safety requirements in order to meet standards for specific markets, we are able to submit products for additional consultation and testing with SGS test labs.

If you are new to the concept of shipping, importing and distribution, we offer consultancy or can work on your behalf in order to see that the transaction of your orders from the factory to the store is smooth and efficient. If you are based overseas and looking for a route into the UK market we are the perfect partner for this.