The Dark Corner Studio houses an assemblage of young visionaries who wake up daily with the aim to keep the world of design and product development advancing forward. Founded by Joe Dakin in mid-2013, the company is orientated around designers; recognising their vision and bridging the gap between their ideas and the wider consumer audience.

The core of the venture are well acquainted with developing product concepts, ranges and brands, and taking them to market; years of experience and a large portfolio that has transcended through to Dark Corner. With a skilled bunch of designers and manufacturing partners from all over the globe the company are able take a raw concept and cultivate this into 3D visualisations and technical drawings; to eventually prototype and mass produce for retail.

Dark Corner now have offices in Croatia, Bangladesh, Hungary, China (Xiamen) and China (Shenzhen). With experienced product developers based in all of these locations there is great coverage to regularly meet with factories, source new suppliers and carry out QC inspections on production.

“We are motivated by creating…the gratification we get from being involved and influencing the development of a concept and finally seeing it come to life is paramount for us. This just further compels us to deliver to a superlative standard, we are measured against this too after all…”